My 10+ random doodles!!

My 10+ random doodles!! - student project

I've really enjoyed working on tiny pieces of paper – you can get a concept accross quite quickly, and it doesn't feel hard at all!

Day 10: Concentrate. I chose to generate only 1 word today.

Day 9: Ruth Batfish in a rather precarious meeting.

Day 8: Feasting Informity. Informally feasting? Burger launching for the win! I also really like taking photos of the doodles like this, for some reason!

Day 7: Ipecac – the epic kak. Which I declare means the epic kak that you either step in or experience on a Monday after a great weekend.

Day 6: Doubled. Imagine having 2 of you, and 4 of you and then...

Day 5: Veisalgia – "uneasiness after debuchery" or hangover.

Day 4: Argive. Pirates don't like giving presents too much, Arrrr! 

Day 3: Trappist

Day 2: Madbrained. Sometimes my brain feels like this – can be good, and it can be bad...

Day 1: Schnorrer. Snor is a mustaches in Afrikaans, at least, so this guys ouwld be the Schnorrer.

And my best time to doodle: early in the morning!

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