Moose Tote

Moose Tote - student project

This is just the simplified silk screening method I've been looking for. I was so intrigued I impulsively jumped on it using the supplies I had on hand.

For my first experiment, I made a little moose stencil from some leftover bristol board.

I used fabric paint instead of silkscreen ink because I had some on hand, and a rubber rib tool (for ceramics) as a squeegee.

I'm very happy with the results! Can't wait to extend this method and work bigger (or with more layers) next time.

I showed some of my friends this technique, and their results were just as stunning. Here's my friend Çaト殲i adding the finishing touches to his Galatasaray t-shirt (a favorite football team here in Turkey.) 

Even though Çaト殲i had virtually no previous art experience, he was able to make a two-part stencil, starting with a Galatasaray logo he printed out.

As you can see, Çaト殲i is pretty stoked with his results!