Monday Night Flowers with Roommate

Monday Night Flowers with Roommate - student project


I really loved this class! I've had a hard time finding classes that give a good tutorial about how to use wet in wet and other techniques like saran wrap and salt. (things I haven't experiemented with since my childhood and was happy to rediscover!) Not only was jean charming! I loved learning from her. It was also the perfect long weekend (MLK day) activity for me and my roommate!

The examples I included are thistles where I used wet into wet, salt, and saran wrap— and bright colors. The second one is based on a picture of a bouqet I found on pinterest, and only used wet into wet but really loved how the dark colors spread out in the center of the flowers and also in the little berry strands in the background. 

thanks again!! (also — take a peak at my roomie's I think she's posting soon!)