Momo & #makeporchraits

Momo & #makeporchraits - student project

As I was creating this one I was feeling like the series was about the porches. There were so many where I was at. If you happen to be in a suburban neighborhood (especially one made before the onslaught of cookie-cutter homes), feel free to #makeporchraits yourself! Use your dog, your friend, or just shoot from the sidewalk. (just be polite and respectful)

I guess we did push our boundaries a little bit but we asked for permission to take these photos (most of them anyways), but shooting from the sidewalk (public property) is fair game in Canada & the US, but correct me if I'm wrong on that one!

Here are the 3 photos from my #makeporchraits series! I hope you dig these as much as I enjoyed creating them. Feel free to shoot some feedback at me too.

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