Modern Miss Kitty

Modern Miss Kitty - student project

To explain this project, I have to explain a little bit about myself first...

*I read a lot.  

*I'm obsessed with narrative art.  I like to feel as if I have walked in on something when I'm looking at an art piece.  If you were in my head, you would hear the story that I tell myself about such art pieces.

*Vintage furniture pieces are all over my house.

*I don't have a cat, but my husband did once before we were married.  That cat was the fanciest cat I have ever known.

*Jane Austen novels are among my favorites, and I feel like a proper Austen house would be covered in toile.  Maybe not my interpretation of toile, but toile nonetheless. now that you know a little bit more about me, I can explain my project.

Miss Kitty is a modern cat.  She appreciates the finer things in life like sleeping masks, bubble baths, macaron towers, and chesterfield couches to lounge on while she takes her tea.  This interpretation of a toile pattern lets you glimpse a day in the life of Miss Kitty. 

Scene 1: Miss Kitty Wakes Up

Miss Kitty has nothing but the best when it comes to king size beds and Egyptian cotton.  Her sleep mask is essential to obtain the necessary amount of beauty rest required for such a modern kitty.

Scene 2: Bubbles Are A Must

No bath is complete without bubbles.  Miss Kitty insists upon it.  Oh, and fresh flowers are the only scent she can tolerate after waking...  Well, besides cake.  The scent of cake is acceptable, too.

Scene 3: Hello, Gorgeous

After her bath, Miss Kitty saunters to her vanity where a macaron tower is available for her tasting pleasure.  She enjoys a sample after eyeing her gorgeous self in the mirror. 

Scene 4: Miss Kitty Takes Her Tea

Tea is best served hot and while lounging on a velvet Chesterfield couch.  You didn't know that?  Miss Kitty is glad she could enlighten you...    


My Process:

I am totally in love with Janet Hill's quirky, narrative style.  Her use of bright colors and exciting stories are right up my alley.  Like I said earlier, my house is full of vintage furniture.  I have a velvet wingback chair that my husband truly does not understand, but it will follow me wherever I go until it dies or I do.  Preferably, I will go first...

Miss Kitty's story developed in my head.  I wish I could tell you what I was doing that made me think of it, but I can't...  When you read as much fiction as I do, sometimes stories just come out of nowhere.  


While the sketches in a traditional toile are waaay more detailed than my own, I used a smidge of the line work that was taught in this course.  I think sketching Miss Kitty's sleep mask was my favorite.  : )

Patterns Colorways:

This is a loose interpretation of a toile, but I had a great time coming up with it.  I like that the traditional toile pattern is often narrative, so I felt it provided me with a great opportunity to tell Miss Kitty's story.  I hope you enjoyed it!  


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