Mockingbird Street - organic baby bedding

Mockingbird Street - organic baby bedding - student project

Hi there from Bonnie & Emily of Mockingbird Street, a small (read micro-small!) business in Australia, set up to by two friends who met in High School, went on to develop careers in design (Bonnie) and business (Emily).

We wanted to create a business that drew on our experience and talents and that brought beatuiful and ethical products into the world and Mockingbird Street was born in 2013.

We're excited to present our range of baby bedding to the world: crib sheet sets, reversible baby blankets and baby sleep bags... all made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Big Cartel seemed to offer templates that we could customise so that our store feels unique, but offers good support, links with Google Analytics and easy uploading of products so we thought we'd give it a try.

We're going for a fairly minimal look, with the emphasis on the photos of the products. 

One slight frustration is the roll-over colour on the product pages - we needed to use something bright/deep enough to be able to read the white text that appears over the photo, but also a colour that doesn't completely obscure the product photo AND matches with our branding colours... we settled on a teal with a hint of grey, but I feel like it's a real compromise. I wish we could change the colour of the text that appears on the photo so THAT stands out against the photo or a pale background, rather than needing to make the background colour darker so the white text stands out. Any tips on how to do that would be appreciated!

We'd also love any feedback or suggestions you can give as you take a look around our website: