Mini Witchy

Mini Witchy - student project

Mini Witchy - image 1 - student project



Mini Witchy - image 2 - student project



Mini Witchy - image 3 - student project



I did the steps in order. 

I did thumbnails in my sketch book (without the provided template).
I drew the artwork. I used a red pencil and inked with a Sharpie pen.
I scanned ( I took pictures) my work.
I used Photoshop to crop and get rid of the red sketch lines.
I used Illustrator to create vectors. I have never done this before. The video was very helpful. And, it was very satisfying!

I then created the PDFs as pages - and did a blank page one for printing too.

It was a very exiting process! I hope to make more mini coloring books/ pages!

Thank you!

Mini Witchy - image 4 - student project