Mindset No. 1 Perpetual Learning

Mindset No. 1 Perpetual Learning - student project

Although all the points through this course resonated with me, it is the mindset of perpetual learning that resonated the most. As if called out from beyond the computer screen, I have only just begun taking action into broadening my horizons, going beyond the usual avenues of teaching, and taking responsibility for my own learning in my business and personal life. It was a victim mindset that held me back. Let me explain.

I used to believe that learning in the corporate world meant that businesses would essentially force me into learning the skills of the job. Whether that meant being enrolled in a training course of some kind, or simply being taught on the job, one way or another I believed that my learning was the responsibility of my employer. I unintentionally convinced myself that I was the victim. When I didn't know something, I believed it was my employers fault for not teaching me.

Now I understand the opposite. I have been the victim of my own making, creating an external expectation that would otherwise be met with nothing but nothing. It is my responsibility to myself to seek the knowledge I'm looking for and explore new avenues of teaching so that I may broaden my mind, and more particularly, broaden my horizons in both my personal life and my business.

I'm glad that this was my first course, and first lesson, towards this mindset of perpetual learning. By taking inspired action, I have the means to shape the life that I want.