Medusa Story Ideas

Medusa Story Ideas  - student project

Hello everyone, this is my project.

First, I just wanted to thank Leo for a great series of lectures they were very helpful and informative. I learnt a lot.

Instead of doing five individual ideas, I wanted to take the story of Medusa from greek mythology and illustrate five story points and develop them for this assignment. So here they are…

In my version, Medusa is in her late teens / early twenties, she is not the evil gorgon that everyone believes her to be. On the contrary she just an ordinary girl with snakes in her hair trying to live her life.   

Ideas, Reference & Thumbnails

#1 - Cute Creature Comfort

Medusa loves animals and cute creatures but the problem is every time they meet her haze they turn to stone. She finds a solution which is to wear a blindfold (this also go for the vipers in her hair), this way she can hold any furry creature she wants.

I based Medusa off of Zooey Deschanel from the tv show “New Girl,” she’s independent, creative, a little naive and childlike but she stands up for herself and is no pushover.

#2 - 1st Date

After being pursued romantical many times Medusa finally gives in and agrees to go on a date with Poseidon. The problem is all he wants to do is talk about himself and how he controls all the sea and all the creatures in it.

Poseidon is a big, cocky, muscular guy with a full beard (like Kurt Russell) but is kind hearted and has good intentions.  

#3 - Gossip Girls

This is Medusa after her date with Poseidon telling her other two gorgon sisters how he was showing off. She’s striking the same pose he was when riding the whale. She mocks his actions, but secretly he intrigues her.

Gorgon sisters, I’m thinking something like the “Mean Girls.”

#4 - Master Plan

This is Perseus praying to Athena and Hermes as they give him divine gifts in which to slay Medusa.   

Athena, I picture the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland”, and Perseus similar to Stan Gable in “Revenge of the Nerds.”

#5 - The Hunt

This is Perseus on the hunt. He is in Medusa’s home hiding among frozen stone warriors who also tried to invade her place of residence.

Thank you for reading, any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Anand Mistry © 2015

Aspiring Illustrator / Visual Development Artist