Meat: Kansas City Style

Meat: Kansas City Style - student project

I grew up in Kansas City, so meat was a huge part of my upbringing with all of the ag history in the city. KC Style BBQ is known less for the sauce and flavoring, and more for it's preparation– slow-smoked and delicious. I have a usual lineup on the smoker of chicken, pork butt, ribs and brisket, but I thought I'd add one of Pat's cuts to the smoker.

Here, I have the usual pork butt, chicken and brisket but dropped on a top butt as well. I used Pat's 5-minute marinade with a little course salt and pepper and some oregano. This is smoked for about 8 hours. I can't wait to see how it tastes, I am hoping the different meat juices are all gonna mix well together.

Artist, Illustrator