Matias Corea's Portfolio Site

Matias Corea's Portfolio Site - student project

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2) Favorite Pages:

Landing Page/About Page
This does a great job of giving a sense of Matias' skills as well as personality in a non-traditional way that's fun and easy to absorb. This is a great alternative to a classic bio.

Selected Work Gallery

I love how the design choices are minimal and consistent, but there are surprising pops of color (like when you rollover a project cover). The effect emphasizes the work nicely, since the design doesn't overwhelm the creaitve work that's being displayed.

3) Why is this site successful? 
Overall, Matias' site is really easy to navigate, not overwhleming, and makes me want to click around to keep discovering and engaging with his work. Although there's a lot of content here, it's organized in a way that is intuitive. Best of all, I feel like I get a real sense of his personality and the type of work he's great at and looking to expand on. 

Head of Community Management, Behance (Adobe)