Masking Out 6 Characters

Masking Out 6 Characters - student project


Hello Jordy! I love your Skillshare classes and your YouTube channel. I watch your videos every time I get a notification. So much fun and I love your challenges with Yannick!

Here is a video I did where I mask out 6 of my characters which I also play all 6 characters. I would love your feedback. I used some of your tips in this class which were helpful but I think I need some more tips on how to get better and figure out how I can create videos like this at a much faster rate. I mask out around the whole body of each character with only one layer. I'm hoping there's a much better time efficient approach because this took a long time which has scared me to ever film another project like this where my characters cross. I'm a one person show on my YouTube channel so I thought it would make my videos look like it's more than one person acting out all the characters by having them cross but I think I might have gone overboard with this video lol. Would love your thoughts!

thanks so much


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