Marianne d'Aubrey Babson

Marianne d'Aubrey Babson - student project

Marianne d’Aubrey Babson 

5 feet- French American-Libra- INFJ-T 


Rose Marianne Aurore Louise (Marianne) d’Aubrey Babson is an eighteen-year-old Parisian cafe waitress. She was raised a devout Catholic (but not afraid to think deeply and question her faith) and was educated in a convent school. Despite living in a small apartment and working as a waitress, Marianne comes from a wealthy and privileged background. Her father, Charles “the Yank” Babson, is an American expatriate and a respected art dealer, and her mother, Madeleine “Mado” d’Aubrey, comes from the French nobility. She is fluent in both French and English. 

Marianne’s mother died when she was twelve, and her father remarried three years later. She is close to her father and has a good relationship with her stepmother, Adèle. Marianne is also close with her later mother’s sister, Tante Mimi, who has been a maternal figure to her since her mother died. She’s less close to her mother’s other sister, Tante Catherine, who is cold and domineering. Marianne grew up with Tante Catherine’s daughters, Babette and Nathalie. 

Marianne is considered mature and intelligent. She is a good student in school and is the “smart one” of her cousins, while Babette is the “pretty one.” Marianne and Babette are best friends but also very competitive with each other. As young women in the 1930s, their success in life is determined by how well they marry. Babette becomes engaged to Edmond Danton (Marianne’s first kiss/first crush), who is the son of a millionaire, while Marianne has long had feelings for her childhood friend, Gabriel Renault, who is just the son of a farmer. Because of pride and insecurity, she is reluctant to admit her feelings for Gabriel. 

Marianne is quiet, thoughtful, and somewhat reserved and enjoys observing the people around her. She can be stubborn and aggressive and is known for having a sharp tongue and quick temper. Because she is a girl, she can’t blow off steam when she’s angry by getting into fights, so she engages in physical activities like swimming, bike riding, and dancing. Her other activities include photography, sketching, reading, and writing poetry. She adores living in Paris and enjoys all the culture and pleasure that the city has to offer.