Mandala Addiction

Mandala Addiction - student project

Wow! What an amazing technique. I needed all my powers of concentration during this class.

This is my experiment with just using the Blob brush to draw a pattern. I'm looking forward to trying the photo technique and pen tool images.

Mandala Addiction - image 1 - student project

Here's a mandala pattern I made with some skeleton leaves that I had already vectorized. I think I am addicted.

Mandala Addiction - image 2 - student project

Here's another couple using some pen tool vector artwork I had made for some colouring-in bookmarks. These mandalas are a LOT of fun!

Mandala Addiction - image 3 - student project

Mandala Addiction - image 4 - student project

This mandala uses another of my colouring-in bookmarks which I originally drew with the Blob brush.

Mandala Addiction - image 5 - student project