Making a Better Etsy Shop

Making a Better Etsy Shop - student project

The great news is that other creative endeavors really began to take off about 18 months ago! The bad news is that my Etsy shop has gotten mediocre Me. I simply renew listings when I need to and throw new listings up when I want to, but have done little else to reel in my product offerings and improve its performance... despite the constant information I happily take in from Etsy and other gurus!

I want to take how I feel about my shop from okay to proud!

I recently changed my shop banner to a big ole' cover image. See my progression:

Original banner in 2012:

Once I designed my website 2014:

Christmas 2015:

And now: 

But I plan to change it yet again! I want to take fresh product shots and let that feel help inform my cover image. Plus, I bet I'll take a great picture with my paints. I think you can tell I'm kind of obsessed with my art supplies.

So here's my plan!

  • Select new product line offerings
  • Take photos
  • Create corresponding cover image
  • Clear out old low-sellers and clarify shop sections - CHECK!
  • List new prints
  • Use the keys given here for optimal keywords

Did I mention prep for Christmas??? 

Wish me well!


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