Macrame Hanging

Macrame Hanging - student project

Hello Dear Peggy! I've been wanting to share something else you've inspired me to try again ... Remember I mentioned that I hadn't done macrame since high school; 155 yrs ago? LOL! Thank you so much for your amazing class!

I was stuck on what to do with the two sides (right and left sides) and was disappointed the rope I used didn't unwind easily. Wrong kind. My sweet hubby found this great plant hanger at the nursery and bent the part that the pot would hang on. Your beautiful Instagram photo (the door way in Mexico) reminded me of wanting to share my project with you. *I wanted to add tassels ... DANG ROPE didn't allow! But there is always a next time!! And there will be!! (Your inspiration just keeps me going! Thank you so much for generously sharing with and motivating us ... all that you love to do!!!)