MONDRIAN & ON - student project

Sorry for being late for class Miss Nicole. Some naughty boys sole my time and I've been rushing around trying to get it back. 

I will be posting more tomorrow but in the meantime hers some sketches from my sketchbook.

Having posted yesterday where I'm at which for some very annoying reason didnt upload, I'm going to re-post.  

My key words are




I've decided to go along the Mondrian twist route & have taken a picture of the Original on an angle.

I then blew the image up and tiled it, printed it out then traced it off then traced it on to the canvas

Cant rotate image, but you get the idea.

The I've chosen my colour pallet. In my last project I got hold of some metalic acrylics which I didn't use in the end. So I've decided that I'm going to use metallics which is a nod to one of my words ELEMENT. This will inform my personaliation at the end. 

So my colours are 


And here's how thats progressing

Listening to eclectic tunes

Quantic ft U-Roy- A life worth living (Brand new Reggae in an 80s dance hall stylee)

Radiohead- Daydreaming (Etereal beauty From the new Album)

Erykah Badu ft Andree 3000 - Hello (Nice,Mellow lovelyness)

Tony Allen ft ESKA ( The man can play those drums)

I'm working on a new brand identity project for world renowned architect/artist Cecil Balmond which we are tryin to lauch next week so I havnt had as much free time for my art but I've done some sketching in meetings. My sketchbook theme at the moment is MountainsSo here are a few.

So the end is in sight. My painting is done & I'm rather chuffed with the outcome.

Now for my 'Twist'........

.....I've decided to include a periodic symbol for relating to each of my 'Element"colours including the white which ia a pearlescent and a pearl is predominantly made up of calcium. I then took the symbols & digitally adjusted them to fit the shape they were to go in


I then printed them out on acetate, gave them a ligt spray of glue, cut them out with a scalpel and carefully added them to me picture.

Now I can reveal my finished picture.  


Thanks Nicole for another fantastic course, well done & looking forward to the next one.