Love is the law

Love is the law - student project

Thank you for that class, Leitha! Some really nice things to know.

For the start, i decided to write a quote (by J.Victore i believe) — «you become who you pretend to be».

I think it was too complex for this technique, but it was quite intriguing). So, here's my first result:

In the end, i think it was too small.

So, here's my second attempt:

This time it was better in terms of initial graphic, i think. But i tryed to use some other paint i had, and it was a very fast drying one. So only first print was good, others were very distressed looking. Which i liked as an effect, actually). And, oh, i lost the inner part of "e" in the process somewhere too.

Still, much fun. Will definitely do something like this again soon.