Looking down at the canyon in Moab

Looking down at the canyon in Moab - student project

It was hard to get different heights here since, as you arrive at this particular arch, you're at the top and to get a different height it would have been a climb down.

So in this photo- I took the photo further back from the edge of the canyon and shot through the arch. I waited for the sun to rise just barely over the horizon.

And then in this photo, the only way to get higher was to climb up ABOVE the arch. So here I photographed the canyon unobstructed:

Finally, I drove up even higher and took this photo. I decided to include my feet to give it some perspective and some scale:

Thank you for teaching the class Michael! It is always so inspiring to see how a National Geographic photographer makes his images. I loved your story about taking the tram up and down several times to get that perfect image of the mountains. I can absolutely relate. I hope you teach more classes!

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