Lisa and Liza

Lisa and Liza - student project

Like most of my classes, this illustration is inspired by a story - 

This is the story of a young girl named Lisa who discovers she has an evil twin while playing by the pond in her backyard.

Below is a breakdown of my creative process:

Part 1 - When sketching concepts for my fantasy illustration, I found myself drawn to this doodle of 'good/evil' balanced over a line of symmetry. 


Part 2 - 'Moment of Discovery' is very common in kids' fantasy and fiction. The Secret Garden was one of my favorites. I decided to draw my characters as children and place them in a natural environment.


Part 3 - Here are my characters coming to live in the inking stage!


Part 4 - Now I'm adding color, something I get more in-depth about in the class...


Part 5 - And here's the final art with textures!

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