Lightroom is for me!

Lightroom is for me! - student project

Helen, I think you made this video just for me! :D

With my totally out of control collection of photos, I believe that Lightroom could be a fantastic tool to finally get that under order.  If I didn't use it for anything else, that would be worth it in itself.

It does look like there is a steep learning curve, but if I can learn Photoshop, I know that I'm capable of learning Lightroom as well.  It does help that the Develop module (I think you called it) in Lightroom is similar to Adobe Camera Raw -- so I will already know how to use the basics there, and at the same time work on importing and organizing my photos there.  Then, after that, I can begin to concentrate on learning the rest of Lightroom's great features.  I love that you don't have to go back and forth from Bridge to Adobe Camera Raw to Photoshop, etc.  You can do so much all in one place, and then one click to Photoshop -- and you would only need to go to Photoshop for those certain items you mentioned.

I hope to definitely get Lightroom in the near future!  I believe that Lightroom and Photoshop CC both come together -- so I would need to go through my current Photoshop program and save anything that I don't want to lose when I change over.

Thank you for the great tour of Lightroom!