Landscape Sketching/Foundations

Landscape Sketching/Foundations - student project

In the practice above, I used pencil and watercolor. On the left, you can see I was practicing perspective. On the right, I practiced sketching a tree and using watercolor to fill in the shapes. Instead of black to add value for the shadow, I mixed green and red to make brown and added a little blue. It really worked drawing spheres for the big shapes of the tree.

Landscape Sketching/Foundations - image 1 - student project

In the practice above, I used gouache in my Strathmore watercolor journal. Before I painted this, I made my first color wheel! In this painting, I only used primary colors in the Himi gouache set: lemon yellow, cobalt blue, deep red, white, and burnt umber (instead of black). You can see the reference picture below, which I took from a walk around the lake. It felt like a perfect day and the field had a luminescence to it I wanted to capture. So, in my painting I used white gouache to create more distinct clouds and brightened up the foreground with lemon yellow.

Landscape Sketching/Foundations - image 2 - student project

This was such a great class, I think I might watch the entire three hours again. There are so many great foundation reminders. Thanks for building a well-structured course that developed understanding over time. Each module was well thought-out and progressed like building blocks. The demonstrations in between concepts helped solidify the ideas and felt very much like a workshop. I appreciate the detailed homework, or invitations to practice particular skills. As an educator for nearly 10 years focusing on instructional design and coaching of adults, I have to say you did a pretty amazing job balancing knowledge with skills. Well freaking done.

Mel Mollick

Educator, Technology Coach