Landscape Practice

Landscape Practice - student project

Here's my first painting, flaws and all. :) 

I didn't have thalo blue, so I grabbed ultramarine for my blue. Oops! It wasn't until the 2nd video when you talked about the granulation of ultramarine that I realized why I was having a hard time. It was still great practice, though, and I found that I could sometimes even out the gradient by layering washes.

I'm enjoying this class so far and look forward to doing the second painting shortly. I'm going to pick up a tube of thalo blue today to play with and compare. 


And here's my second landscape using pthalo blue. It was so much easier to do the gradients and layer the washes in this one.

There were a few places where I worked in adjacent areas without letting things dry first, so I got a little bit of color bleed. My biggest takeaway is to take the time to let things dry instead of rushing it. :) 

I loved this project--it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to picking my own subject matter next time and trying this again.