La caja mas grande del mundo

La caja mas grande del mundo - student project

Hi Christine I really enjoy take your classes 

This is my project for an illustrated book 

I tried to translate the text: 


A Leonora le gusta coleccionar cosas

Le gusta coleccionar cucarachas, bolas de estambre, plumas de pichón, pero lo que más le gusta coleccionar son: cajas...muchas cajas

Un día encontró la caja más grande del mundo. Tenía que ser suya.

Pensó y pensó como podría llevarla a casa, hasta que por fin tuvo una idea.

Pero dónde la pondría y miró a su apretado alrededor.

Se deshizo de sus cucarachas,

De sus plumas de pichón,

De sus bolas de estambre,

Y de todas sus cajas

Fue corriendo por la caja más grande del mundo…ya no estaba

volvió a su casa y miró su vacío alrededor,

Pero el vacío no era tan malo después de todo, Leonora empezó a disfrutarlo.

Aunque un par de plumas no le hacen mal a nadie.



Leonora likes to collect things

She collects cockroaches, balls of yarn, pigeon feathers, but  the most she likes collecting are: boxes ... lots of boxes

One day she found the world's largest box. It had to be hers.

She thought and thought how could take it to her home, until she finally had an idea.

But where would put it and she looked to her tight around.

She threw his cockroaches,

She threw his pigeon feathers,

She pulled his balls of yarn,

and She threw all their boxes

 She was running down the world's largest box, but when she came, it was gone

She went home and looked at her empty around, but the void was not so bad after all, Leonora began to enjoy it.

Although a couple of feathers never too

This is my muse

Sketches of  the character

character model sheet


final illustrated spread

Thank you (:

illustrator and graphic designer