LEEE iPad RSS Reader

LEEE iPad RSS Reader - student project

Many thanks for the class and tips Claudio.

LEEE = "Reead" in spanish.  I decided to design a RSS Reader for iPad because it is becoming the natural replacement for the newspapers.

I conducted a test with two elderly people who use the regularly iPad apps like Feedly and Flipboard. My conclusion was that there are many tools and menus they do not use or do not know how to use and often they get stuck. So I decided to simplify everything and make it easier, essentials tools for a good performance. Keep it simple and useful.

First sketches.

page.

All the news are in two columns and visually are equally important, without hierarchies between them. You can order all the news by "Last news" or "Category".

I add the Mailbox function to slide to the left to Read Later and right to Delete a news. When a news is not interesting, annoys. So better to delete it.

News and menu. The font family is Omnes for all the options. At the bottom of the news preview you can see the source and when was published.

News page. Essential options and information. Publico font.

Read without the hassle of banners and other visual distractions. Like The New York Times and Medium examples. Just relax and read.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed doing it, every feedback is welcomed. Thanks!