Knot+Bend - student project

Recently I was approached to create a logo for an apparel brand, and I immediately thought of this Skillshare class because the client wanted a very unique and custom logotype. The name of the company is Knot+Bend, and I have gathered some inspiration to kickstart the process:

Now that I have some fresh examples, it's time to hit the sketchbook and start exploring!

Next I began digging in with the Pen Tool and tracing the original sketch, making some modifications as I went along. Here is a shot of the guides I set up:

I really liked the stroke outline style, but I also explored a version with the lettering filled in:

I have also developed another custom type treatment that is similar, but with some minor differences. Really like how this one played out with the stacked version in addition to the horizontal type. Definitely gives the brand more flexibility going forward. I also liked the monogram better on this version, too.

Based on feedback from the client, I went back and re-visited the initial lettering style...with the intent to create a more unique mark that would help the brand be more recognizable. Check out this process video of the vector building to see an early version come to life:

Here are a couple explorations of an iconic ampersand mark (one made from nautical rope, and the other from an oar/paddle):

Ultimately, this is the design that we arrived at:

Now begins the next stage, which is apparel design and maybe some custom stamps - pretty stoked to get to work on those! I would still love to hear your feedback on this project - as I am always looking to improve! 

Graphic Designer