Keyword Research for Creative Blog

Keyword Research for Creative Blog - student project

Hello Marjet and fellow students,

I currently have a blog where I am describing my creative journey of becoming a creative professional (I am doing BA Graphic Design at the moment) and how I am launching my business. I am not 100 % sure where this blog will really focus on but I want to share my journey, feature artists and designers, as well as sharing my experiences with starting a creative business. At the same time I want to promote my classes (skillshare) and my products (shop). I am illustrating books and I also sell my artwork.

My current blog is

However, due to limitations of I want to switch to a selfhosted site with possibly the domain (this doesn't exist yet but I want to look into that).

So, as you can see there are quite a few areas I want to cover so I found it a bit hard on what I should focus my keywords on. Also I am wondering where to incorporate all my keywords, as my homepage/landing page is my blog where many different articles appear.
Will this confuse google? Is it better to have a static page with all the keywords and then have a page "blog", with all my blog articles.

As this is really a work in progress and I am SEO-beginner I would really appreciate some feedback of students or Marjet alike :)

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