Keep Going Girl!

Keep Going Girl! - student project

*rough concept

Hi, I still work on this project class. I will share my process from scratch to final illustration animation, please mind my messed up grammar and also please enjoying scrolling my project till the end. Let's start!

So far, I followed all the steps smoothly. Through the process, I realized where is my weakness, which is mix and matches colors, how to make a great composition in illustration and drawing the background.


01. Rough doodle, sketch and color comp. With my very basic skill of animation, I choose to do "a girl kicking her skateboard passing the urban city landscape in the morning or afternoon" kind of concept.

*more detail for the BG

*early color comp for BG

*early character design and color comp

In this exact time when I try to combine and looking for color references to make at least a nice color comp, I still can't find the color scheme for background and character. The character can't stand out if I put them together in one frame. So, I plan to leave that aside for now and trying again for more simple line style and minimalism color choices for the background.

*the background totally buried the character.



02. Move to the next step, making the animation. From the first class in this workshop, I now more familiar with the timeline in photoshop. For the main cycle, I looking up for reference and found a video on youtube and try to apply it to my character. Then I add some other movement beside the hair with my all effort. I also develop the character design and color comp through the process.

                   *she changed so much

*a little peek from my process.

                          *final character.

*final character animation


For now, I still come this far, I will continue to finish the background and move on to Adobe After Effect, the software I really know nothing about. I hope you can enjoy and please leave feedback for me to improve my skill and knowledge, thank you and stay tuned. See you soon.


03 Final background and final composition.

I really am a beginner with animation, my timing totally off but I really satisfied with my result. It's not that bad, really make me want to learn more.

  *this is my final background, I know it is short. 

Here is my final video for this project. Give me feedback on the comment section, it will really helpful for me. Thank you.