Just for fun

Just for fun - student project

I enjoyed this class. I've observed the artibet all around me now that I know about it. The chicken or rooster drawings I referenced from illustrations in a book. I saw they used the artibet so I practiced with them. A coyote hunted in the upper pasture while I was in a lesson and it posed in an odd stance for a long time so I tried to just get the line of it's shape. It was 1/4 mile away. First I used too many details, then I found just the curves and it became very satisfying. Same thing sort of happened with the hen and rooster. This class helped me loosen up and use up some scratch paper and old markers. You're right, holding the pencil or marker firmly really gives more control. The last 2 images are the before and after of a watercolor painting that I fancied up on the computer. That was fun, too. Thanks for the class, Ron. I'll see you in the next one.