It is never too late to be a ballerina

It is never too late to be a ballerina - student project

Hello! Thank you for this class and for the interview with Seymour Chwast, he is really interesting and inspiring person! 

For my project I made up a story. It is about a man who wants to be a ballerina although he is not young and does not have a proper body time. He believes in his dream so much that he does not care what others think or if it is the right time or not (for him to follow new path).

I connect myself with this character because I am a girl who has been looking for her "calling" the whole life. I graduated a university as a philologist, then I worked as an engineer, a tailor, an embroideress and year ago I started  to study graphic design and illustration. I believe that it is never too late to change everything. You are never old to try new things, to be a beginner. My career adventure has not ended yet but I want to support other people in search of their calling. 

This is my first sketch:

I traced it several times  and changed it completely. The man became a woman and the whole picture became more flat. In general, the picture became more motivational rather humorous.

Also I added text, like in Chwast's quotes.

I used following technique: ink on paper digital colouring and editing.

This is the result.