Intuitive Self-Portraits

Intuitive Self-Portraits - student project

Hey everyone! :)


First of all, thank you Amber for this fun little workshop. Lately I, as I'm sure many others, have been a bit stuck in my creative process, so I've been looking for quick and fun prompts / exercises to get something – anything – down on paper (or tablet in my case).

Definitely some weird stuff's come out of this, some I like more than others but I guess that's all part of it!


#1 Self-Portrait with Less Dominant Hand

Pretty crazy to see how wobbly my left-hand lines are and so difficult not to give in the temptation to go back and fix some of them up, but here's the result :p



#2 Self-Portraits with Eyes Closed

Tried about 5 of these, with some different brushes. I quite like the first one actually!



#3 Final Self-Portrait

Once again, the temptation to go back and refine lines, strokes and (most of all) colours is STRONGGG, but making an active effort to just leave it as it is. I'm also not entirely sure this effectively conveys how I'm feeling / seeing myself currently, but again I didn't want to go back on it and edit it as that would make it feel a bit "overworked".


Overall this was quite a fun process, so I think I'll probably come back to this and try some more things. I'd especially like to focus on the last section of "drawing with feeling" and experiment on ways I can express my feelings more effectively. Perhaps something more abstract, or just stripped of colour down to black and white may be some starting points.


Thank you so much again, Amber! :)

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