Inspiration - student project

This mood board is a collection of artworks by artists that inspire me. Their art work is minimal and clean.


Following are some of the features:

1. Minimal Colour Palette,

2. Mild spotted textures.

3. Wide landscapes.

4. Natural Light. 

5. Routine life.

6. Gradients.

7. Clean edges.






I have created six different styles (Structure Rendering). 

The top layer is made in photoshop, with bright hues.

1st one is a simple, flat styled art. I have added gradients in the second one while in the third one I have added some texture.


The second layer is hand drawn, in a drawing app. I have used muted toned for this one.

as per your recommendations, I have tried to limit the palette and use both muted/bright hues. While comparing, I feel muted tones look better.

I was unable to find Kyle T brushed for photoshop online, can you help ?



I do seem to move closer to discover a style of my own. Keeping in mind your recommendations,  I have changed the scene and added textures accordingly. I have worked on rendering more this time.


Let me know what you think of this :) 


thank you!