In love with the coptic stitch!

In love with the coptic stitch! - student project

Hi, I am Grace You, a paper goods maker. I was delighted to find Caleb's tutorial on coptic bookbinding, but it took me a while to get down to stitching my own. Since I've completed my first coptic book, I've done two more, and I only expect the numbers to grow!

As I upcycle old vintage books to journals, it was natural for me to use the hardcovers of a vintage book to create my coptic book. The dimensions were different from Caleb's so I had to do some calculations, which got my math brain jogging - good brain excercise. Once I got through each step along with Caleb's tutorial, I finally had a wonderfully bound book! HEAVENLY! The bonus is that binding a book is quite a MEDITATIVE process, especially in the second and third time round. I listed my first book on my Etsy store, because I believe in sharing even the very early creations with my customers. In fact, I think the early ones are monumental like a cornerstone to a building.

>>HERE are some PHOTOS of the PROCESS

*Neatly stacked covers and booklets

*Jogging my math brain with the help of a calculator

*The curved needle is a must!

*Almost there :)

*My first-ever-coptic-stitch-book.


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