I'm Getting there...

I'm Getting there... - student project

My Instagram account that I've been working on strategizing better is for my photography/videography business. I have been narrowing down what I'd like to "specialize in" which would be love stories, music-related, and brands. 


My current bio is Emily Finch #likethebird
Dog mama to #JosieTheCorgi 
Wedding &
Ready to help CAPTURE your moments
{Est. 2018}

This should be updated, as I haven't utilized the hashtag #likethebird - therefore it seems irrelevant. But I do have a highlight story and want to connect with people who love dogs or just animals because I enjoy shooting photos of people with their pets. The tag line ready to help CAPTURE your moments is to show that I want to capture everything from a posed portrait to the beautiful, real, authentic moments and reactions of the day in between. The brand is starting to shift to tell this message as well as the move to include more music-related / branding related type content. The word "collective" is supposed to help me stay out of the limitations of just a wedding photographer. 

Attaching photos below of Instagram feed to see how the content is. I'd love any comments about the consistency of the overall look of my photos as well as how you think the feed is helping tell the message of the bio! Thanks for the awesome course!