Illustration to my letter and mini project

Illustration to my letter and mini project - student project

This is my illustration to my letter. My letter is written in my native language so I didn't share it. 

This class was very fun and presented a very helpful self-care technique for me. I will definitely use it more often from now on. It helped me reflect on a recent hard period just before Christmas and made me appreciate the good things I have in my life. Can't wait to open my letter a year from now and see where I ended up in life. 

The mini project was quite therapeutic for me, because unfortunately I don't appreciate my achievements too much and am a very harsh critic to myself. It was liberating to say thank you and be grateful to myself for the things that I've done. I drew a flower growing from a pile of ash symbolizing the hard period I went through and my resilience. It was a very spontaneous drawing.

Thank you very much Karla!