If you don’t ask you’ll don’t know

If you don’t ask you’ll don’t know - student project

Each one of us comes from different backgrounds,Sometimes kids get adopted,Some kids are in military families and move around a lot,But my situation is unique because every time I go out I get stares from people and it doesn’t bother me,Questions like why can’t you walk,They might not know what a wheelchair is,You might not want to make it public at first but down the road you can,Some people are born with a disability and some people might have been injured in a bad accident and may have to adjust to their circumstances being confined to a wheelchair,You may ask yourself if god is so good why does he do bad things like this,God sees every single thing that goes on in our lives even if we don’t He doesn’t.He gives a toolbox to us that we can use at our disposal,He gave me the tool to hatch words from a egg ,People might think that the wheelchair holds me back,That’s not true not by a long shot because I want to go out to speak to young people because they need it the most.I have wrote books,It’s never too late to follow your dreams.