If Only I Could be so Grossly Incandescent

If Only I Could be so Grossly Incandescent - student project

Fantastic way to distress text! Thanks for the class Jamie. I've been working on getting caught up on my Skillshare projects and this was a quick class with some techniques I hadn't used before. Fantastic walkthrough and very easy to follow.

I wound up using Raleway Black as my font and skewed it slightly; most anything heavy works really well. The photo is a sunrise from my vacation a few weeks ago :D I also added a few drippy things to the lettering like this to make it a bit more interesting: 

The visual breaks where the shapes meet the text will blend out once the effects are applied. 

Once it's all put together it looks pretty nice! Added a slight glow to the text group, and some level & color fill adjustments Not a lot of editing overall. Oh, and the text is just a sun-related phrase from Dark Souls (a game). Here is the final shot:

Thanks again for the class Jamie! 

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