Ian the goldfish

Ian the goldfish - student project


I enjoyed this class a lot! I think I will be doing more goldfishes from now on.

My first try I ended up with a greenish fish, hahah! instead of watered down gray I used blue and of course, when I added the yellow my fish turned green. After that I added blue all around it and used a brown micron pen to draw some details

My second try I decided to copy 2 poses from random images. Things were going fine, no green fishy, but then the paint was drying and without thinking I sprayed water over it and the orange color bleed all over. I liked the effect, but that wasn't what I was aiming for. Then I tried to recreate that effect on the smaller fish (right upper corner) and ha! I couldn't recreate the same effect, probably because that paint was too dry this time. My third time I moved next to the window (because winter time we don't have much sunlight, I get fed up of synthetic light and harsh shadows and my pictures look horrible because of that), but that meant I couldn't look at the reference from the computer, so I worked by memory. Probably that is why it has a cartoon feeling to it.

I went back to my computer desk and finally made Ian the goldfish! heheh


Thank you Anne for this lovely class!

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