ILLUSTRATION: Explore & Play

ILLUSTRATION: Explore & Play - student project

ILLUSTRATION 1 : Colour Pencil Cross-Hatching

 This was really fun; Layering, playing with colour and hatching!

I've created a jolly impression of my partner and I! haha 

ILLUSTRATION No 2. Etching and Soft Layers

This exercise has reminded me how heavy handed I am. It was exciting to see how the etched patterns appeared under the pencil. Definitely want to try this technique again!

ILLUSTRATION No 3. Quick, Emotive, Child-like 

Isn't it funny how it can be hard to draw in a carefree child-like manner. Pushed me out of my control-freak comfort zone.

ILLUSTRATION No 4. Gouche & Gel Pens

So I really reallly wanted to try my new Gouache paints instead of the watercolours suggested in the tutorial. However, gouache dries superr fast so the bleeding/blending was a trial and error lesson. Also I couldn't find a nice brown marker or fine liner pen so I made do with mauve and white gel pens.. haha It turned out better than expected.

**BONUS ILLUSTRATION : Portrait of a Friend and her Pomeranian puppy

I wanted to try the new skills I learnt on a mini portrait for a friend's birthday. It was challenging choosing colours to portray the puppy's black coat, without using black but it works. 

a hopeful lass.