Honey and Fig Tart

Honey and Fig Tart - student project

I decided after much deliberation to choose figs for my chosen fruit as I've never illustrated figs. I was drawn to figs on dark backgrounds and also it seemed when there was a pattern of sorts forming. There were sweet and savoury tarts that looked appealing but in the end I found one for a fig tart that looked simple.

With my layouts I drew whatever came into my mind without thinking for too long. I used TDAC long thin format with the gutter down the middle of the page. So there is a selection where the main title moves all over and other spaces for the ingredients and method.

I drew many versions of fairly decorative figs using black pens ( Pentel brush pen and Micron ) and white pens ( Posca) 

Using my own hand lettering I went through many versions of the recipe title until I felt there was enough to choose from at the artwork stage. I also looked ant MyFonts for inspiration.

Even putting together the artwork I was still playing around with the layout to suit, depending on the eventual size of the tart and recipe. This was made easy as the different elements were in layers.

I was really happy with how it turned out. The layout reflects the simplicity I wanted to achieve but also making the figs really stand out .

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