Heuristic evaluation of Stockx App

Heuristic evaluation of Stockx App - student project


Heuristics for User Interface Design. 

Stockx is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags.

For this exercise, I will focus on sneakers, and more particularly on getting a pair of shoes

I'm a huge sneakers addict and this website is a game-changer. 

My today's target is one of my grail: a wonderful Jordan 1 Maison chateau rouge size 11US. 


1 Visibility of system status



 Icon turns green when I click on it and loading animation appears every time it loads

Text Suggestion appears when I type in the search bar



- No animation on the button when I click on related products


2  User control and freedom



I made a mistake on the pair I choose in the research function and I had an option to go back on the research page with my research still on. It makes me gain a lot of time rather than if I had to type it again. 

I always could change my size or go back to the previous page easily. 



- I can't go back to the home page directly. The bottom bar with the 3 mains icon disappeared as soon as I'm on a product page.


3  Consistency and standards



The Same colors are used 90% of the time wisely and they don’t change much.



- On some part of the website, the grey link became black when you click on it, and some other part, they became light grey

The header is confusing because the color used on the text is a bit darker than on the other part of the website. It didn’t feel like it’s clickable.

On the last page before payment, the « buy now » mention is confusing and out of the standards. Usually, a buy now looks a like button is on the bottom part of the page (where the « next »  button is). It’s even more confusing because the buy now is not a button, the real payment button is the « next » one.

-The « popular brand » category doesn’t respect the graphic chart and its incoherent. It looks exactly like the regular product icon and you feel like if you click on it, you’ll go to the product page you see on the miniature. Instead of that, you’ll just go on a research page with a brand filter on.


4  Aesthetic and minimalist design


PROs :

 The product page design is clear and all information needed is displayed without superflu. Globally, the app design is great and minimalist.

All pieces of information are displayed without too much text. Mainly images.



- The header is superflu and not needed on that part of the screen.

-The carousel with ad takes too much space and doesn’t match with the rest of the homepage.


5 Match Between the System and the Real World



-There isn’t any shopping cart on that app, you can get a product one by one only.