Hello Postcard

Hello Postcard - student project

Hi everyone, hi Martina,

Last week I decided to spend some time on a project for that class. I was not sure about which word(s) to use so I took something really simple, the word "Hello".

I started to use a Brush pen to do some sketches. I often do it because I really like the style.

Then I moved to drawing. Here is my first sketch:

Just like on your videos, I decided then to make it bolder. Here is the result:

This is where I am today. I can see things to improve but globally I think I will keep it that way. I will start to vectorize as soon as I can but I feel already concerned about colors, textures and composition because I really don't know where to go. I am more used to design logos so I keep it simple but here I would like to play a bit with composition and bring something else to that lettering. So if you have any ideas, just let me know.

I will post to steps soon.

Update 14/07/2015

Here are the last steps of my project. I decided actually decided to go a different way than the one offered by Martina. Instead of vectorizing my "hello", I decided to go with a linocut. So I took a piece of linoleum of a size of a postcard and started to cut it. Here is the result:

Then I tried different mix of colors and decided to use green and yellow. Here is the final result.

Did not decide to who I am going to send these cards yet but a set is already ready ;-) Maybe Martina would like one ? ;-)

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