Helen Bradley is awesome

Helen Bradley is awesome - student project

Hi Helen,

Thank you again for a super speedy highly informative lesson. I have used blending modes many times but I did not know how to do the non-destructive burn and dodge technique. I have many times needed to burn or dodge an image but I found it so awkward to constantly undo and redo until I liked what I got. NOW I plan to use this non-destructive method EVERY time I need to edit a photo.

And here is a tip for you - (which maybe you know already!) When you want to cycle through long list of blend modes quickly without having to choose each on from the drop-down menu of the layer palette, all you have to do is - with the Move tool selected, hold down Shift and or -, and you will be able to go through the list super quick. Just passing that on others. It comes in super handy!