Happy violas

Happy violas - student project

I'm so happy! I was afraid that my violas would end up looking like a plaster of bleeding colors. On the contrary, the paper I used (200g watercolor) soaked the water very fast so it was hard to make smooth color transitions. Adding more water didn't work because the paper would buckle and create "ponds of water" and bye bye bleeding effect. I think I just need practice, I started using watercolors this year and haven't experimented much. i got good results when doing the test strips, that is why i think is not that much the paper's fault as much as my lack of expertise.


The first violas I tried a Frixion pen, pink might not be the best choice but oh well. It disappears with friction (heat), so even if there is watercolor on top, it will disappear. For the first flower I tried the typical method of rubbing (friction) but is not nice to rub on top of the watercolor, so for the rest of the flowers I used a hairdryer and voila. I saw someone on Youtube doing that and felt like giving it a try:



That tiny piece of paper on the left upper corner is just that I loved how the color spread.

I plan to add some text to the illustration with the 3 violas and give it as a "Happy Birthday" or "Get well soon" card.

Thank you for another great class!

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