Habit Builder - Meditation

Habit Builder - Meditation - student project

As at 30th March, 2020

Habit to build - Mediation (minimum 3minutes)

Why is this important to me? - for mental clarity, attention, fortitude and resilience against adversity.

Cue to meditate will be - immediately after a morning cold shower, at which time I will prime a meditation track on my meditation app - stop, breathe, think

I will reward myself at the end of a 7-day streak with a bubble bath

At the nd of 30, 60 and 90 straight days I will reward myself with the purchase of a new plant to add to the house, or POP! vinyl action figure.

Possible setbacks are - time, forgetfulness...

If I find myself unmotivated to get it done I have a 2-day rule buffer (cannot miss 2 days in a row), BUT I will aim to do at LEAST 3 minutes of breath work

solidifying this habit will make me feel successful as it has eluded me for some time.



- Matt


Matt Hurley

freedom through movement and mindset