Grunge Collage

Grunge Collage - student project

I did the first project, but not on a large enough piece of watercolor paper so I only got one "cutting from it.  I pasted that to a notecard because I like snail mail and this type of collage is the perfect "throw away" art.  I didn't do the cradle board because I don't haven any hanging around the house and they really aren't "me".  

On the other hand, I love that this class is getting me out of my comfort zone and making me trust the process.  I'm going to explore more of this art form.  I find it really interesting and have wanted to do mixed media for some time.

Grunge Collage - image 1 - student project
No idea why it is sideways, ghosts in the machine is my guess.


Victoria Johnston

Explorer - pixels, paint and pen