Great Mondays Marketing funnel

Great Mondays Marketing funnel - student project

I created a marketing funnel for an Instagram brand Dagne Dover I saw advertised on my personal Instagram account. I want to find something a bit more comparable to my company's funnel, but this is pretty straightforward enough to get comfortable with this exercise. Would love some feedback on my personal marketing funnel below. Thanks, everyone!



My company is struggling to figure out how to market our services as we launch a book about designing company culture. I'm a designer in charge of leading this effort (pray for me). The book isn't released yet so the current goal is to grow our mailing list and following on where we'll release free tools/samples and info to pre-order. Below is an email newsletter we sent last month.

Below is a capture of the email itself in when you open it in your inbox. Now I'm realizing it's not so clear what we want the customer to do other than read stuff. I'm thinking maybe I need to simplify the content so that the message is clear. Something like:

Subject line: New book, sneak a peak!  > open email

Message: "Read about the 4 kinds of recognition programs you can implement at work form Great Mondays upcoming book." > click thru to medium post

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