Global colors - not an accidental swatch anymore!

Global colors - not an accidental swatch anymore! - student project

When we got to the section on global colors, and you explained about identifying it with the white triangle at the bottom of the swatch, my jaw dropped. Apparently I had been creating new color swatches as global colors and didn't even realize it or even understood what they were (I barely understand what process and spot colors are, so that's probably my next tutorial to watch!)

I truly understand now what Global colors are now, and being able to quickly change colors and tints is absolutely a time save with Global colors! I already have an idea or two on hos to use it (I'm thinking color moods for a storyboard, or a color mood illustration, or even a map.) 

I want to do a deeper dive into the Recolor Palette/Recolor Artwork tool so I have already bookmarked a skillshare class on "Master Color with the Recolor Artwork Tool in Adobe Illustrator".

Also, the fact that those little up and down arrows on the color palette even exist to change the sliders, AND the fact you can click through the color spectrum without using the fly out menu is BLOWING MY MIND!! I am HUNGRY for these shortcuts and time savers! How the heck did you even know about this? I swear, my illustrator teacher in school way back in the CS 2013-2015 days didn't know about that! Did it even exist then? I bet it did. 

I already feel like I've levelled up on my color game in Illustrator. No more just randomly picking color from the preset swatches and color libraries! Now I can be thoughtful and experiment non-destructively to give deeper meaning and emotion to illustrations as well as saving time!