Giving drawing another chance after 35 plus yrs.

Giving drawing another chance after 35 plus yrs. - student project


I'm Gary. I used to draw when I was young and for whatever reason stopped in my early teens. So lately I decided to start drawing again, except I thought I would like to get some formal training. I really didn't have the time to enroll in any college classes. So I happened upon Skillshare and thought this could be good.  I liked the concept of the site where there is a verity of teachers and classes and you learn at your own pace.

Geoffery, Thank you so much for really putting in the time to teach others the skills you have learned over your years. This has been great for me. I know I have a loooong way to go before I can say I can draw. But I'm on my way. I can't wait to finish the rest of your class.

Again Thanks,



I completed your course.  It's been awesome.  I will continue to work on what I've learned and I am confident I will get better.  I attempted my first human subject drawing.  Lol.  Thanks again, Gary