Gertrude & Rose: Fermented Foods

Gertrude & Rose: Fermented Foods - student project

So, I'm cheating a little bit. I took this class while working on a real-life packaging project—designing labels for a fermented food company. I also took Travis Grillo's pickling class to get into the spirit of things.


Gertrude & Rose creates small-batch fermented foods, using locally sourced ingredients and a bit of elbow grease—no preservative or other stuff.

The name comes from the founder's family history (grandmothers on both sides).

We wanted to create elegant packaging, that was a bit more clean-cut than your tipical "artisanal" produce, and that let the product itself shine. Simple, modern and classy.

The products are going to be sold at a handful of boutiques, the first of those being an ethical butcher shop, as well as a number of pop-up market type scenarios.


- Canadian regulations require information to be in both English and French
- Batch number and Best Before need to be included, but can't be pre-printed
- One of the products changes seasonally, so will also need a fillable space